What Is A Blended Rate And How To Stop It From Going Up

Wade Betz

Published 2 months ago


As expected, the Feds increased rates again by .75%, so let's relook at what that means to you and how to protect your family moving forward.

So far, the Fed's four hikes in 2022 have increased rates by a combined 2.25 percentage points — which means consumers are now paying an extra $225 in interest on every $10,000 in debt.


What Moved -

Feds move " short term " rates, which would be your credit cards and equity lines of credit. What most think they moved is long-term debt, which are mortgages, which they can't directly unless they buy or sell mortgage-back securities.


Why They Moved Them -

They need to do this to slow down inflation, which means they need to slow down the speed at which the economy is growing.


How Long Do They Plan To Increase -

They will do it as long as inflation in our economy, which I think into Fall or Q3.


How to protect yourself -

This is where we need to think things out and create a plan for you and your family. Because, until now, most consumers have not felt those rate hikes, but with back-to-back .75% rate hikes, your 10k in credit debt increased 150.00 per month in the last 30 days, and that's about to become a problem.


The videos I have added show you a Two-Step Plan for turning bad debt into good debt. Plus, the second step is to prepare you if we move into a recession.

Fed Announcement for July 2022

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